Welcome to the Angel’s Classic Cars restoration studio - where the memories come to life!

We restore all brands of classic cars to their original specification with special attention to detail. We specialize in the restoration of all models of European and American classic cars and especially Mercedes, Citroen, BMW, Jaguar and others.

Who we are and what we offer

Classic Cars for sale

Classic Cars for sale

Buying a car from our showroom, you not only acquire a unique piece of jewelry and unique style, but also make a financial investment.

Classic Cars Restoration

Classic Cars Restoration

Car restoration is a long and complex process that requires extreme professionalism, specific skills and our special ingredient.

Classic Cars Restoration Parts

Classic Cars Restoration Parts

Angel’s Classic Cars offers classic cars enthusiasts a wide variety of original spare parts and accessories.

Satisfied customers from the restoration of classic cars
Our customers

They trusted us . We are located in Bulgaria, but our customers are from all over the world. Our brand is well known in Europe.

We have satisfied customers from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and others.

"Our restorers are not only excellent professionals with many years of experience, but are also true fans of classic cars, who put a lot of love and passion into the restoration process. Thus, the end result is a supreme delight for the soul of the collector."

Angel Jelev, Owner


We employ highly qualified classic cars restorers with over 20 years of experience. Every detail is processed to perfection. The final product is a perfectly restored car in its authentic form.

We maintain stable relationships with our suppliers and provide the highest quality materials and spare parts for the implementation of your project. If necessary, we contact the car manufacturer to clarify all the details regarding its technical specification.


The work on each individual project is discussed in advance with you, specifying all the details and discussing all the possibilities. You will know exactly what you will get before we start.

We reliably document each phase of the restoration process. We will periodically send you photos and a description of the work we have done, so that you will know at any time what stage the work on your project is at.


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